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Better Care Better Value Indicators

The Better Care, Better Value indicators identify potential areas for improvement in efficiency. These indicators can be used locally to help inform planning, to inform views on the scale of potential efficiency savings in different aspects of care.
Standardisation and ranking used within the indicators and characteristics of these data sets and how they are employed in the development of the indicators are described in the documents below:

BCBV Organisation Preparation.doc
BCBV Standardisation and Ranking Elements.doc
Better Care User Guide.doc
IMD data usage.doc
Introduction to SUS PbR and HES.doc
ONS Population Data Preparation for Better Care, Better Value Indicators.doc

How to use the indicators

If every organisation (provider and commissioner) improved its performance to match that of the top quartile in each Better Care, Better Value (BCBV) indicator, NHS England could realise £2-4 billion in productivity benefits.
The Better Care, Better Value indicators reveal the potential to make significant cash or resource savings whilst improving quality. However, the key issue is what has to be done to actually realise the benefits. For this reason we have introduced the 'Converting the potential into reality' guides which contain ten steps that commissioners/providers can take to use the BCBV indicators to maximum effect to improve quality and increase productivity: